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Famous Booties


Wiremasters employees wear orange booties when they enter a home or office

The definition of a bootie is a soft shoe made of wool or cotton. For the purist that would be correct. However at Wiremasters, it is the true essence of what we are about. The legend of the Wiremasters famous booties began many years ago. As part of our attention to detail, it is a fact that we are guests in your home. And as guests, we have the utmost respect for your home.

So we began covering our work shoes to ensure that there were absolutely no signs of us working in your house. Before we knew it, we became known as the “real neat” electrical company. But little did we know that replacing the “regular” light blue booties with the orange ones would cause such a stir. Yes, that’s right – we became known as the company with the “cool orange booties.” There isn’t a stop that we make when someone doesn’t ask us for a pair of the bright orange slip-ons for family and friends.

And yes, give us a call and we’ll be more than happy to send you a pair.



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